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Amanda Pines Homeowners Association

26 Years Experience


Welcome to the Amanda Pines Estates website. We are a small development of 58 lots zoned as Rural-Agriculture 1 (RA-1) located in the North-West corner of Elbert County. 

What is now Amanda Pines Estates (375 acres) was originally homesteaded in 1898 by William Yardley (160 acres), in 1902 by George Foot (160 acres), and the remainder initially deeded to the Kansas Pacific Railway Company by Congress in 1862.  Passed down through the generations the property finally came to Raymond, Gladys, and Thomas Bradbury, and Toby Pippin who sold the property to Amanda Pines LLC in March 1993 after the passing of Raymond. Amanda Pines was plotted out in 2 filings in December 1993 with construction starting in 1994.

The neighborhood roads were paved in 2001 through a special assessment to be paid by the home owners.  The final payment was made in 2004.

We have a five (5) member, all volunteer, Home Owners Association (HOA) Board.  Covenant enforcement is through community participation with the Board responsible resolving disputes, overseeing covenant standards, and insuring the common areas (mail boxes and entrance monuments) are maintained.

Each lot has a private water well and septic system. The well permit allows for the watering of up to 3 horses and limited landscaping. 

Fire response is provided by the Rattlesnake Fire Department. 

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